Monday, June 06, 2005

The future of Europe?

Let's stop asking what the future of Europe is, and turn things around. The future of Holland/France/UK? Does anybody really like those people? Of course not. Nobody likes the French. Nobody likes the Dutch. Nobody likes the English.

At least the English have something going. They have talented people in a service economy that is more or less working. They worship a royal family and have profound social divisions. They have a privileged class and a proletarian class. The latter lives in horrible conditions but seem to like it. They can buy housing but the land will always be returned to the lords after about 100 years. They don't watch news and they don't read newspapers. They get their information from horrible tabloids. Their cooking is among the very few in the world to be less appetizing than Dutch food, their depression is such that their drinking habit have become indecent by any standard. It's really not a place where most developed people want to be. They built their fortune on colinies and slavery, and just lost the last bastions of their violent empire to China. They still have trade agreements with desperate islands and even fought a war against Argentina to claim a shitty piece of rock with a couple of English pubs in Argentina waters. The English press did not have the balls to write about how Margaret Tatchers's son was not called to serve in the Falklands. His position at the time made it obvious that he should be fgihting too, but he wasn't. Now, we found out that he was conducting very desperate business in Africa trying to start civil wars and control leadership changes in african countries. Quite disgusting, but maybe Mugabe is right about the English.

Anyway, for now, England is no more than some kind fo province of the USA. Blair and Bush play a role, both trying to show that they are two partner countries, but in reality Blair has no say at all. If the english people had a say about anything, they would not be in Iraq. On the other hand, with Campbell there, they could have forced the tabloids to turn the British public opinion to suit Bush requests. It would take about 72 hours.

Better so. The USA are for now the greatest nation on earth. The UK really aren't. France isn't either, and the Netherlands, if they disappeared, nobody would notice. We would have less electronic junk. No other advantages.

So the future of Europe is without those three bad apples. The future of Europe is East, and at this point Germany is left as the largest power in Europe and firmly integrated in the EU. It it risgh so. Sfter the War, Germany has assimilated some of the best characteristics of American democracy. In some areas they are doing better.

Economically speaking the Germany are still thinking 19th century, but they are stiill decades ahead of the French and the Italians. The Franch opposed the European constitution because they think it's to liberal. They want the cheap flights out and back to Air France reserving the right to travel to a few elite members. We as Europeans don't want the French model. We don't even want their influence. Trust me, your life would be hell if you lived their system. Everybody strikes every otehr day. No economic growth. Heavy astte manipulation in economics. Nobody can do honest business, you always need some kind of mafia approval.

What we need here is th let the most dynamic eastern nations take the lead and show us the way. Germany should learn and at the same time provide the means. Another country that is incredibly efficient is Spain. Those are all powers of the future. As for holland, I would act immediately to take power out of their hands. This is where we need an iron fist in Europe. Take all investment and funding out of Holland, France and UK. Move to the East. Every Euro spent will have a higher return.

Take away investment incentives from Holland. There's only one way, open loopholes in German law to offer banking advantages similar to those in Netherlands and UK, eventually offer tax breaks or even passage to tax free zones. This would kill Dutch and English banking. Even better, work out a deal with Luxemburg, which could become the Delaware of the EU.

Take away tourists from holland. There's only one way: temporarily practice a drug tollerance in towns near Dutch border, and prostitution houses. This will kill Dutch tourism.

The future of Europe needs an iron fist. Not populist referendums. If we had to go with those votes, men would vote against women voting rights and we would have the death penalty all over Europe. We need a strong Europe, closely allied with the USA and eventually Russia.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Dutch political vision of Europe

The US, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, India, Brazil, they all have a vision for their future. They have goals they want to achieve. Italy and the Netherlands don't have goals. Two countries dominated by small business minded populace, only interested in day to day profits. The Dutch will worry more about how much their beer cost today than what their country and Europe will meet up the the world challenges of tomorrow. Italy is not even worth mentioning because with people like Bossi, Berlusconi and Tremonti in the government it is not worth any serious consideration. It's a shame a country could be run that way. Any country.

In general however Europeans are not ready to take responsability to become a superpower. They will only sit there and complain about what the Americans do, but they don't have an alternative. The EU as a block is powerful and usually expresses good ideals. Concern for environment, social justice, education, progress. But the populace don't want any of that. Each country thinks they will be better off by itself. Holland is no exception. They think they are the best anyway, and they can take on to the whole world all by themselves. The Hutus and the Tutsis thought the same. The real winner of the Europeans stupid disputes? Americans, Chinese, Indians, Russians. They will be the powers of the future. The losers? Europeans. Nobody will be able to look after their interests any more.

Holland was doomed anyway, by demografic implosion, cultural stagnation, natural elements. The sea, sooner or later, will claim that land. Probably too late for the sake of all of us.

The Dutch think Euroskepticism is cool. It is fashionable right now. Let's go back to the (whatever name their insignificant currency was called). We are better off on our own. They say this with a little grince on their ugly faces, and their friends laugh around them. It's Dutch humor. The type that says :"I'm realistic, I'm practical, I don't fall for intellectual crap."

Even the least sophisticated American farmer is much more educated than the average Dutch. So any direction their government would want to take would not have the support of their own people. For God's sake the Dutch are still worshipping a royal family! It's a country that should be shamed for its past, but they are afraid of the future. So the best they can do is hold on their small currency and hope it gets them more beer as a unified currency would.

I come from Europe but I want to say this: God bless America. I love the USA and its people. They make mistakes. I think some of their wars are mistakes, but yes they have vision and will and power. This great country has given Europe everything it has today. It has already rescued Europe (with the help of the Soviets) from their little querrels and conflictual tendencies. Because of EU and NATO Europeans have not been fighting each other for 60 years. But this is a small anomany in thousands of history of divisions. You want the real face of Europe? You want to know how the Dutch really are? Look at Yugoslavia in the 90s. Look at Lebanon. Look at South Africa before the 1990s. Not only are they the mirror of Europeans true nature, but those are all situations provoked by Europeans.

The Dutch would love to have South Africa again. They can't, but their diamond mining companies are still operative and responsible for some of the worst human right abuses in history. Then the Dutch will tell you we believe in human right. Oh really? Look at your fu**ing mines. Why is Amsterdam the center of European diamond trade? The Dutch think their little slave trades will keep them wealthy for ever, just like Norwegians rely on fishing and oil to maintain their standards. You could argue that some arabs are doing the same. But if you look at the Emirates and Dubai, you know they are using oil to jump into the future. Not live in the past.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dutch movies?

I was looking for some photographic lighting to buy. I was comparing prices from different stores in Europe. The prices are all in Euros, so it's easy to figure out the best deals. I came across a Dutch store. Of course I would never buy from them. Even if they were cheaper I'd be afraid to get ripped off. Or maybe they would try to save on postage, packaging, and spare parts. In any case it's not safe. Also they don't like Europeans, they don't like the fact that we can buy from them without import taxes or money exchange, so they might spit in the box or take some form of revenge.

Still, looking at their catalog I was amazed. They were selling film making equipent and lighting. For what? Have you ever seen a Dutch movie? Probably not, for your own sake. I saw two Dutch movies in my life, and both times was a very depressing experience. The first time was back in the 1980s. The Dutch made a stupid thriller film called "The Elevator". It was their attempt of copying American style adventure movies with an American style moral movie ending. It was pityful, not even amusing. This is what happens when you produce for a naive populace. Anyhow the film goes like this. A Dutch company produces a new "intelligent" computer chip, regardless of warning not to mess with artificial intelligence. A Dutch elevator company decides to adopt this chip to control a new elevator for an office building. The elevator becomes intelligent and mean, and decides to take revenge. The elevator starts killing its passengers. It does this by going too fast, suddently halting, and all kinds of different tricks (so much for Dutch stunts and special effects). The most shocking part of the film was supposed to be when a blind person calls the elevator and decides to walk in. The elevator knows the person is blind so it opens its doors, makes the noise, but the cabin is actually hiding a few meters above the victim. The person walks in and of course falls and dies.

This is not a joke, the Dutch movie really went like this. But there are heroes too in the movie. The Dutch heroes manage to foul the elevator and extract the dangerous chip. In the end they destroy the company microchip project and sacrifice progress that is too fast to control. Were they talking about Philips? Because as far as I know, Philips s not going that fast and their progress is all but out of control. ANY Korean and Japanese company, and now even Chinese are light years ahead. So let's forget about Dutch intelligent and murderous chips :-)

They were showing the movie in Paris, you can imagine people's faces when they came out. The Dutch should thank the European Union countries for having to let those films in, because trast me, nobody, no single country in the world, would import a movie like that. And the Dutch still go on bragging over the EU? We've been buying Dutch products for 50 years, mostly because we felt sorry for them!

And the second film? I saw it in a French hotel. Yes always the French, but they are another depressed population. This movie is even worse. It didn't even have a real plot. Basically there is a ladies dress that is being bought and sold second hand across shops in Holland. The dress brings bad luck and any woman wearing it dies or has something horrible happen to them. A girl wears in in the bus. The driver is horny so he parks the bus somewhere hidden and tries to rape her. I think this is common sexual pratice in Holland, but in this case it was because of the dress. Then a homeless woman finds the dress and is burned alive. A homeless man wants to kiss a young girl and offers one some money (Guilders I think it's called?) for a French kiss. The man is very disgusting and stinks, but we all know what kinds of spasm a Dutch person goes through when they see some money, don't we? This is no exception. The sight of money overcomes the girls fear of the disgusting, so she kisses him.

The rest of the movie I didn't see. It was too much for me.

But what do the Dutch use those lights for? Their pityful state subventioned trash films? Maybe pornot, but even there, I can assure you the Dutch are nowhere to be seen. The pornographic industry finds its best talents in the USA, Gremany, Italy, maybe even Frenca if you like the crude type. Of course the Dutch are very active in the industry, but only in buying and selling content (They are Dutch, remember?)

Dutch are nothing else but bankers. What do bankers do with photo/video equipment? Well they probably have some local farmer news and even a couple of quiz shows. Maybe even their big brother edition. So that's probably who uses those cameras.

Boycott Dutch

The Dutch have voted against the constitution, and anyway the Dutch never liked Europeans. And despite their stupid involvement in the Iraq war, they don't like Americans either. They don't like anybody, they thingk their sad populace is the best in the world. Really. With their shitty food and habits. They eat cheap (they are Dutch) Croquettes (or however they spell them). They buy them from machines, and the meat can be days old. A dutch will not notice. They also eat cake decoration (no jone) on their cakes. If it wasn't for Indonesians they would starve.

So anyway we will not be importing Dutch food anyday soon. Even in the event of war and famine, we'd rather eat our own excrements than that horrible food.

So the only two Dutch companies we can think of are Philips and KLM.

I wuold never travel KLM. Just the though of being locked up hours with Dutch people makes me sick. Philips, one could be tempted to buy them for pity. Not that they do much. Have you ever seen a Philips videocamera? The Dutch are too cheap and video camera components are too expensive. So we are left with cheap TV sets and simple equipment. Reputation is, Philips will break down all the time. What do you expect from a company probably saving even on the type of plastic they use? They are Dutch!

Joke: Dutch in the airplane

A Dutch man was taking a flight on a commercial airliner. The airliner had 4 engines, which is quite normal. About an hour into the flight, a loud BOOM occurred.

The flight attendant came over the intercom and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have blown an engine, but there is no need to worry. We still have three engines, I repeat, we still have three engines."

Everyone stayed calm.

About another hour later, another boom.

The flight attendant comes over the intercom. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have blown another engine, but there is no need to worry! We still have two more engines to go!"

The people stayed calm.

An hour later, the same situation. Now only one engine remained.

Then, the Dutch man stood up and said outloud, "Man! Does that mean we get a partial refund for using less engines?"

Stupid Dutch Laws

Enjoy for your humor, enjoy for your fun. You can laugh or you can cry, but this is how stupid the Dutch people get.

How else could you explain this asinine law to be passed with a whopping $4.30 tax per gigabyte on MP3
players. That would work out to $235 tax on a high end iPod. That’s right for the tax alone you could almost
buy another iPod. But we all know how the Dutch are. They never look at the future. If they can make a couple of Euros today, they will masturbate and have an orgasm. They don't understand that the short term profit comes at greater expenses in the future. If they could understand, they would not have voted against the european constitution. And not with such arrogance.

more reasons to hate the Dutch

I would like people to understand that Holland voting against the treaty should not matter. The french doing so is regrettable, but there is an explanation. Paris, Neuilly, wealthy people, educated people, productive regions and French living abroad voted yes, and with a huge majority. The peasants, the restless, the communists, the neonazis, the dirty militant farmers, and people within the socialist party all voted for no. As always, peasants should not vote. After all, in the US, poor neighborhoods always have voting problems and huge lists of people excluded for different reasons. They should have done the same in France.

The Dutch is something else. I never wanted them in the union in the first place. I wanted to look east instead. We have Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Check Republic and many other countries that are developing fast and are showing a dynamism so strong it's unique in the western world. They are the only people that can compete with the Chinese.

Dutch are lazy, mean, short sighted and always ready to complain. For the last 3 years they have grown xenophobic too. Their muslim fanatics went around killing dutch movie makers, so they prefer closing up borders with Europeans. Dumb Dutch. The violent immigrants are within their bothers while dutch women are marrying immigrants from the strangest nationalities all the time. They are religious fanatics. They think they are liberal only because of their drugs free areas for tourists. I couldn't find anything more tasteless. They think they are liberal because they legalized euthanasia, but we all know they just did it to save on medical costs with terminally ill people.

The dutch have a problem with money. Once the Japanese government invited western journalists to visit Japan. It was a specific type of exchange program. They gave all those foreign delegations some money and told them "go out, spend the money, learn about the place and get to know people". Italians did that. French too. Americans, Spanish, they all went out. The Dutch didn't. One of the Italian journalists asked the dutch delegation why they didn't go out. The reply was amazing but so typically Dutch: "we want to save the money and take it back to Holland". But... the japanese gave you money for another purpose, not to add to your savings account. Dutch bastards.

Then they brag about democracy but let's not forget how great the Dutch were in South Africa until just a few years ago. And trust me, being Dutch, they finally abolished Apartheid, but probably because they were losing too much money from sanctions. In fact, in the whole 20th century history, that was the only case even that sanctions resulted in change. The Dutch of course.

Now they still operate a diamond business which is among the most disgusting in the world. Not only are they among the largest polluters in Africa, but they know very well how they are exploiting slaves and children. The fucking Dutch.

And I even chose Philips over a couple of Korean products to help European industry. Sure enough they all broke down. Philips sucks so much they didn't even make in in the US. Only Europeans buy their shit. They used to have a car company called DAF. The cars sucked even more than Philips, were breaking down the same day you buy them. Now they are out of business. Dutch cheese? Please. Like I would even miss their cuisine.

That's a very shitty country there, and the sea should have taken over already if it wasn't for their stupid walls. My deepest hope is that global warming will fix that geopolitical entity once and for all.

Last but not least, most Dutch women I met never had an orgasm before me. Regardless of my merits and talents, there are 2 explanations: they have a shitty sex culture, or they are compulsive liars. But then one 20 years old Dutch girl was serious when she asked me if she could get pregnant from giving oral sex.

The the European Union leadership should show balls and kick that land out of the union. "Go form a community with Surinam!" Should we tell them.